Stuntman! by Hal Needham

STUNTMAN!: MY CAR-CRASHING, PLANE-JUMPING, BONE-BREAKING, DEATH-DEFYING HOLLYWOOD LIFE For more information, visit: © 2011 by Hal Needham Directed, shot, and written by John Parsley Sound/video editing, co-writing, and voiceover by William Boggess Special Effects assistance by Sarah Murphy Filmed on location at Little, Brown & Co in New York City Music: "Bulletproof Bully" © El Patapsco, 2005 Hal Needham is played by a 1976 Fisher Price Daredevil Skydiver action figure Photos, in order of appearance: © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All rights reserved. Courtesy of MGM Media Licensing © 1967 Universal Pictures, courtesy of Universal Studios Licensing LLLP Courtesy of CBS Entertainment Courtesy of CBS Entertainment © Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved. © 1980 Universal Studios, courtesy of Universal Studios Licensing LLLP

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