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Kirkpatrick, Russell (1502540)
Kirkpatrick, Russell (1502540)

Russell Kirkpatrick

Russell Kirkpatrick's love of literature and a chance
encounter with fantasy novels as a teenager opened up a vast number of
possibilities to him. The idea that he could marry storytelling and
mapmaking (his other passion) into one project grabbed him and wouldn't
let go. He lives in New Zealand with his wife and two children. Find out
more about Russell Kirkpatrick at

Beyond the Wall of Time

Beyond the Wall of Time

by Russell Kirkpatrick

The wall of time has fallen and the Gods are free to ravage the world. The few that know of their escape into mortal lands are under the control of the malevolent Husk.

Stella, a queen in hiding, makes a deal with the Undying Man even though she knows his ...

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