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Neiman, Ophelie (1730939)
Neiman, Ophelie (1730939)

Ophelie Neiman

Ophelie Neiman is the author of the wine blog Miss GlouGlou. Hosted on the LeMonde website, it's one of the most popular wine blogs in France. Wine Isn't Rocket Science is her first book and it has been translated into 11 languages. She lives in France.

Yannis Varoutsikos is
an illustrator and graphic designer. He is artistic director at Woll
Beer and founder of the website Good Manners, which sells bags and
accessories for men. He lives in France.

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Wine Isn't Rocket Science

Wine Isn't Rocket Science

by Ophelie Neiman

Rocket science is complicated, wine doesn't have to be! With information presented in an easy, illustrated style, and chock-full of the fool-proof and reliable knowledge of a seasoned oenophile, Wine Isn't Rocket Science is the guide you always wished existed. From how grapes are grown, harvested and turned ...

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