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Landau, Neil (1535169)
Landau, Neil (1535169)

Neil Landau

Neil Landau's credits include writing for and producing for Universal Pictures, Disney, Columbia Pictures, and 20th Century Fox. He's worked on such diverse projects as "Melrose Place," "Doogie Howser MD," MTV's "Undressed," and "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead."

He currently serves as a faculty advisor in the MFA Writing Program at Goddard College and teaches at the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television.

101 Things I Learned ® in Film School

101 Things I Learned ® in Film School

by Neil Landau

How to set a scene? What's the best camera angle? How does the new technology interact with scenes? And how does one even get the financing to make a movie?

These basic questions and much more are all covered in this exquisite packaged book on the film industry and ...

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