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Katie Heaney

Arianna Rebolini is a writer whose work has been published on the Hairpin and and at BuzzFeed, where she is a senior editor. She lives in Brooklyn.

Katie Heaney is a senior editor at BuzzFeed whose writing has appeared in Cosmopolitan,
Vulture, The Hairpin, The Awl, and Pacific Standard, among other places. She is the author of a memoir, Never Have I Ever, and the forthcoming novel, Dear Emma. She
lives in Brooklyn.

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Dear Emma

Dear Emma

by Katie Heaney

The debut novel from the author of the popular memoir Never Have I Ever.

When Harriet, college student and author of the anonymous student advice column Dear Emma, learns that her ex-boyfriend Keith is dating beautiful and brilliant Remy, the girl she's started sharing a library work-study shift with ...

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