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Lowachee, Karin (1015610)
Lowachee, Karin (1015610)

Karin Lowachee

Karin Lowachee was born in Guyana, South America and moved to Toronto,
Canada when she was two. Before her foray into fantasy, she wrote three
highly-acclaimed science fiction novels - Warchild, Burndive, and Cagebird. Warchild won the Warner Aspect First Novel Award and Cagebird
won the 2006 Gaylactic Spectrum Award and the Prix Aurora Award and was
a finalist for the 2002 Philip K. Dick Award. She currently resides in
Ontario, Canada.

The Gaslight Dogs

The Gaslight Dogs

by Karin Lowachee

At the edge of the known world, an ancient nomadic tribe faces a new enemy-an Empire fueled by technology and war.

A young spiritwalker of the Aniw and a captain in the Ciracusan army find themselves unexpectedly thrown together. The Aniw girl, taken prisoner from her people, must teach the ...

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