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Maxtone-Graham, John (1009143)
Maxtone-Graham, John (1009143)

John Maxtone-Graham

John Maxtone-Graham is a world-renowned maritime historian, author of more than a dozen books about passenger vessels. He is also a consummate shipboard lecturer and consultant to numerous cruise lines.

Harvey Lloyd is a seasoned travel and adventure photographer and the foremost photographer of the cruise industry today. His most recent book is Voyages, The Romance of Cruising (Dorling Kindersley, 1999).

Queen Mary 2

by John Maxtone-Graham

In January 2004, Cunard Line's latest flagship, the stupendous Queen Mary 2, will sail on her maiden voyage from England. QM2 is a record-breaker. Four city blocks long and as tall as the Statue of Liberty, at $800-million, she is the most expensive and ambitious passenger vessel of all ...

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