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Lee, Jennifer (1077232)
Lee, Jennifer (1077232)

Jennifer B. Lee

Jennifer 8 Lee, the daughter of Chinese immigrants and a fluent speaker of Mandarin Chinese herself, grew up eating her mother's authentic Chinese food in her family's New York City kitchen before graduating from Harvard in 1999 with a degree in Applied Mathematics and economics and studying at Beijing University. At the age of 24, she was hired by the New York Times, where she is a metro repoter and has written a variety of stories on culture, poverty, and technology.

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

by Jennifer B. Lee

In a quest to understand her culture, Chinese-American
Jennifer 8. Lee traveled the world and almost every state in the country to
investigate Chinese food and the people who make it. It's a story of
immigration, assimilation, and adaptation. Part memoir, travelogue, and exposé,
Lee's fascinating journey provides ...

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