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Irvine, Ian (1015232)
Irvine, Ian (1015232)

Ian Irvine

Ian Irvine, a marine scientist who has developed some of Australia's national guidelines for protection of the marine environment, has also written 27 novels. These include the internationally bestselling Three Worlds fantasy sequence (The View from the Mirror, The Well of Echoes and The Song of the Tears), which has sold over a million copies, a trilogy of thrillers set in a world undergoing catastrophic climate change, Human Rites, and 12 books for younger readers, the latest being the humorous fantasy quartet, Grim and Grimmer.

The Summon Stone

The Summon Stone

by Ian Irvine

A new epic fantasy series begins in the world of his MILLION-COPY-SELLING Three Worlds Cycle.
The Merdrun, cruel warriors blooded by thousands of years of slaughter, are gather in the void between the worlds.

Their summon stone is waking, corrupting good people as well as bad, and turning arcane places ...

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