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Woznick, Bear (1552587)
Woznick, Bear (1552587)

Bear Woznick

Bear Woznick holds multiple Masters World Tandem surfing titles, co-founded the World Tandem Competition Tour and travels the world promoting the art that he loves with BearsWave Tandem Expression Sessions. In addition to his surfing he is a private pilot, holds a black belt, rides a Harley, and plays the ukulele. He is also a novitiate oblate of the Benedictine Monastery of Oahu. You can find Bear online at and on Twitter @bearswave. His podcast is on iTunes and Youtube.

Lou Aronica is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Element, the national bestseller The Culture Code, and several other works of nonfiction and fiction. You can find Lou online at

Deep in the Wave

Deep in the Wave

by Bear Woznick

For world-class surfer Bear Woznick, the ocean has always been the center of his universe. He's spent his entire life with it; riding its waves, learning from it, loving it. The ocean also nourishes the soul as Bear shows us on his surfboard.

In DEEP IN THE WAVE, readers ...

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